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References From Students

My husband and I enjoyed the class we took with Scott. Our class included students with different levels of experience so Scott took time to make sure each person was both comfortable with the skills, and learning something new. Scott is respectful, patient, thorough and articulate. We have recommended his class to several people.

Brandy Nagel

Mr. Vandiver not only possesses a great deal of subject knowledge and practical skills, he also understands how to impart complex subject matter to an audience with diverse backgrounds. His friendly personality further enhances his teaching effectiveness. I have recommended Mr. Vandiver’s classes to friends and family and look forward to learning more from him in the future.

Dr. Jan Osburg

Scott has conducted classes on subjects such as Close Quarters Handgun Tactics, AR-15 Tactics, SureFire Low-light Tactics, and Glock Pistol training, to name a few.  Scott has always presented himself and the class material in a very professional manner.  He is very knowledgeable in all of the subject matter that he teaches.  He also has a way of coaching and giving advice in a tactful manner that is well received by the students.

Ben Autry, Autrey’s Armory

He takes great pride in teaching safe handling of firearms.  He shows a true want and desire to share his knowledge and skills while giving instruction.  His interaction is exemplified with students while showing great patience.  Truly a “mentor” in every way.

Chief Doug Claycomb, USNavy

Scott demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of all firearms that were present and has an exceptional ability to teach proper use and handling.

John Riggs, MBA

Mr. Vandiver,
Just wanted to thank you again for teaching the First Steps class Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a ton. It's going to drive me back to the range ASAP as it's fun to finally feel like I have some control over whether I actually hit the target or not! I'm looking forward to the day when I can use my firearms with full knowledge and confidence.     Dave Fingerlos

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the excellent instruction.  I found your course to be very informative.   It was an opportunity to see the many things I've read about expertly demonstrated and taught.  Now I know the right things and I'll enjoy the practice it takes to make them second nature.   I'd like to repeat the course sometime in the future.  It will be an opportunity to test my skills and maybe add some new skills.

 I'd like to let you know how much fun I had at my first NRA
Basic Pistol Instructor class last weekend (Oct 03/04) in Woodbury.
J. Bridges

Comments on the new range in Woodbury.
 The range is a fantastic set-up for training, not just a public "empty your magazines" type range. Nice classroom with HVAC, Power Point A/V, restroom, short drive from downtown Atlanta, pit area has wood chips on the deck  (not gravel or mud).
Tim P

Comments from a Basic Pistol Student
I have been shooting for 40 years and thought I was a pretty good shot. I took the basic pistol class after my wife came home from the class raving about how good it was. When we went to the range to practice she shot better than I did. I was amazed that after one day of training she was shooting better than I was. I had training in the military 30 years ago but your training improved by shooting more than years of just shooting at the range. Thanks again Scott.
Tom S

Scott, I really enjoyed the course this weekend. I have taken courses from several different instructors over the years both gun courses and professional development courses. I really thought you did an ecxellent job involving the students in the learning process. The mix of lecture, demonstrations and practice, was just what I need to improve my skills. The training materials and the books we recieved were excellent sources of information. I will keep them for reference in the future. Thanks for all your hard work in  preparing an excellent course.
David R

Good morning Scott;
    I wanted to send you a note today to again thank you for the training this weekend. Very Professional, enjoyable, and presented in a relaxed manner allowing us to enjoy the time spent while learning. Too may times training courses are conducted by "monotone robots" or people just trying to get through the material. Your knowledge, experience, love of shooting sports and personality came through making it a good course.
Don N

I wanted to let you know how happy my wife and I were with the Basic Pistol class. It was better than we expected. Your firearms knowledge and experience, along with your easy going personality made for a pleasant and fun day of learning. 
I know it's common for couples to do things together but I never thought there would be a day when we would be cleaning our guns together after a day of shooting. I had to step back and smile with pride as I watched my wife strip, clean, and reassemble her pistol after we got home.
We look forward to taking more classes with you in the future.
Freeman and Rosa

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