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Directions :Compare this target to where your hits are located on your target. Imagine a clock face overlaid on the target. If you hits are grouped at 9 o’clock; that could mean you don’t have enough finger on the trigger.

Always execute a slow steady trigger press straight to the rear of the gun.

This Target is for Right hand pistol shooters for Lefties flip the corrections from left to right. The top and bottom stay the same.

Follow this link for more  pistol shooting tips

If you are shooting a tight group but it is not centered on the target then your grip on the pistol may be wrong. To insure that you have a proper grip, the sites should be lined up with the forearm when you shoot, not to the inside. Many people grip the pistol too far to on the strong side. Try rotating your hand so that the slide and sights are aligned with the forearm.

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