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Owning a fIrearm does not make you  a shooter,  just like owning a piano does not make you a Musician.
 Col. Jeff Cooper

The courses listed on this page are not for beginners. They are designed to improve the skills of individuals who have a firm understanding of the basics of shooting and desire to add to their skill set.

I am now a staff instructor with Saurez International. SI is the largest civilian training company in the USA. SI has more classes in more locations than any other training group. I will be adding more SI  classes in the near future. Current offerings are Defensive Pistol Skills, Close Range Gunfighting, AK and AR Rifle Gunfighting, and Guerilla Sniper, CQB Fighting in Structures, Vehicle Gunfighting,
More to come

Low Light Tactics
Statistics tell us that 70% of confrontations take place in reduced light environments. These include outdoor and indoor environments. The fourth rule of shooting tells us to know our target. It is hard to know it if you can't see it and turning on all the lights in the environment is not always a viable option.
The Low Light Course is designed to give the student the knowledge and skills to survive in the environment the thugs prefer. Since you can't  use a gun mounted light in all circumstances this course shows the use of a hand held light that is seperate from the firearm.
This is a great class that is lots of fun and you will learn more about using a flash light in self delf-defense than you thought possible.We also teach the "theory of light issue" so you will understand what you are doing, not just how to do it.
This is a class for experienced shooter

Home Defense Class
This is the NRA Personal Protection In the Home course
This is the first step in the defensive shooting classes. We introduce shooting from different positions like kneeling we also shoot from behind cover. Gun malfunctions and how to clear them are covered. We cover the family emergency plan so others in the home will know what to do. There is also a 1 hour session with a lawyer to cover legal issues.
This class is not for beginners. NRA Basic Pistol or a skills test is required before class.


Street Defense
This course is desigend to teach the student how to handle an attack in and around automobiles and parking lots. Topics cover carjackings and attacks while in the car as well as approaching and exiting the car. Stress will be induced while under attack. This class also includes a low light session since we all spend time in our cars during night hours.

Think Move Shoot
This course covers decisions during shooting and movement in a 360 degree environment. These excercises are done on an outdoor range capable of shooting in diferent directions. The use of cover, concealment, movement and problem solving ar included. Be ready to move and shoot only all small portion of this course is stationary drills.

Concealed Carry Course
The State of Georgia does not require a class before issuing a Georgia Firearms Liscense. There is alot more to carrying a concealed handgun than buying a gun and holster. This class is the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home.
There are other classes that teach concealed carry but none of them include the 300+ page book and a 1 hour session with a lawyer, This is a two day class; one  day is spent on the outdoor range developing defensive shooting skills. The other day is in the classroon and covers defensive mindset, conflict avoidance and the legal session.
This class is not for beginners

Defensive Shotgun
This course covers the use of a shotgun for home defense.
We'll cover loading and firing techniques
Different carry methods and clearing malfunctions
Types of accessories and how to pattern your shotgun
The types of ammo and defensive shooting techniques.
All shotguns must have a sling on them.
This is not a beginner class.

Defensive Carbine

This course is designed to train students in the knowledge skills and mindset to operate a carbine. We cover the parts and operation of carbines as well as loading, reloading and carry positions. Sighting systems, slings and ammo are alos covered. You may bring any safe carbine to shoot in this course

Close Quarters Carbine

This course includes training in using a carbine in a close quarters enviroment and indoors. We cover different shooting techniques and wepon retention. Transitions to a secondary gun or knife are covered as well. The use of cover, concealment and techniques to move and shoot around objects are all part of this class.

Precision Tactical Rifle
This is a scoped rifle class designed for those individuals  who wish to improve their knowledge of rifle markmanship at extended range. Topics covered are basic ballistics, data books, wind reading, scope selection, range estimation with mil-radian based scopes. Standard position shooting and many alternatives will be used.  

These courses are not approved by the NRA

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