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NRA Basic Pistol

For those who have never fired a handgun or very little shooting experience. Topics include: handgun parts, different types of handguns, loading/unloading, operation, fundementals of shooting, cleaning and storage. Includes the NRA Basic Pistol Book


NRA Firearm Safety

For those who do not shoot but desire a knowledge of firearm safety for their home or workplace. A good class for church or civic groups and a reduced rate is available for groups.

NRA Firearms Safety book included.



NRA Personal Protection in the Home 

This is the introduction to home defense sponsored by the NRA. This class is not for beginners you should already know the topis listed in the First Steps Pistol Class. Thic class covers home defense topics such as cover, concealment, Emergency plan, legal issues, shooting positions, and much more. The "Guide to Personal Protection in the Home" book is included in the class.


NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

This is the newest class from the NRA. Think of this as a concealed carry class. Topics include, drawing from concealment, close range shooting, many differnt shooting positions, shooting while moving. and leagal issues around concealed carry. Book Included


NRA Basic Rifle

Beginner Rifle class for those who have never shot a rifle.

Target shooting with different positions, Boy Scouts and 4-H clubs welcome. "The Basics of Rifle Shooting" book is  included.


NRA Range Safety Officer

This is a class for those who direct others on a shooting range.

Should be familiar with all types of firearms. Topics covered include range standard operating procedures, safety issues, emergency plan, range direction drills,


NRA Basic Shotgun: 

Beginner shotgun for recreational use of the shotgun.

Trap/skeet and hunting, also good for Boy scouts & 4-H


NRA First Steps Courses

These are 4 hour classes in rifle,  pistol, or shotgun that cover the introduction, safety and operation of a firearm with limited shooting exercises


Order of Training


NRA Basic Pistol should be taken before

Personal Protection in the Home and

Personal Protection Outside the home 


The other NRA classes may be done in any order



Equipment needs


All Classes require the following safety equipment: Wrap around eye protection, ear protection, Full coverage shoes. No sandals, low cut shirts or tank tops, the brass ejected from a pistol is hot and burns if it goes down your shirt. or lands on top of your foot.


NRA Pistol class: safe handgun, (22’s ok) 200 rounds of ammo, Spare magazine, instruction manual, cleaning kit


NRA Rifle: Safe rifle (22’s ok), 200 rounds of ammo, manual, cleaning kit and safety gear.


NRA Shotgun: Safe Shotgun, 200 rounds of ammo, Cleaning kit and safety gear
NRA Personal Protection classes require 400 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection, a 9mm or larger handgun and 3 magazines a holster or purse and a magazine carrier.

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