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"Every free man should posess a rifle and be taught early in life  how to use it."
Patrick Henery



Scott Vandiver
NRA Senior Training Counselor/Instructor
NRA Advaced Defensive Pistol Instructor

NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Pistol, Shotgun, Carbine
Refuse to Be a Victim Regional Counselor
Civilian Safety Awareness Program Instructor
Tennesse Florida  CCW Instructor
Georgia Certified Classroom and Firearms Instructor
SIG Master Firearms Trainer

Glock Certified Instructor

Surefire Institute Lowlight Tactics Instructor

Yavapai Firearms Academy Tactical Shotgun Instructor
Suarez International Tier 1 Instructor 
        Taught Precision Rifle AR, AK Shotgun,Handgun CQB
O/C Pepper Spray Instructor
NRA Chief Range Officer/ Instructor

NROI Chief Range Officer                                                              

Langevin Institute  Certified Instructor/Facilitator

Training Classes Taken

Combat Focus Shooting with Rob Pincus
 Pistol and Carbine courses 24 hours

Combat Speed Shooting course with Super Dave Harrington
Advanced pistol course 16 hours

Sig Sauer Academy

           Master Firearms Trainer 24 hours

           Shooting on the Move 8 hours
           Shooting Outside your Comfort Zone 8 hours

           Civilian Response to Terrorist Threats 16 hours
           Bullets on Vehicles 8 hours
           Single hand shooting 4 hours
           Point vs Precision Shooting 4 hours
          1911 Armorer's course 8 hours
          Sig Classic pistols armorer course 16 hours
Rangemaster, Tom Givens
           Advance Pistol skills course 10 hours
           Instructor Development course 24 hours
Glock Inc Armor course 8 hours

                 Instructor course 24 hours
Smith & Wsson M&P armorer course 8 hours

NRA LEAD Pistol/Shotgun Instructor Course 44 hours
NRA LEAD Patrol Rifle Instructor Course 44 Hours
NRA Sr Training Counselor Training 28 hours

Certification to train NRA Training Counselors

NRA Training Counselor Workshop 36 hours

Certification to train NRA Instructors

NRA Instructor Certification courses 60 hours

Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection, Home Safety, Range Officer

NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor course 16 hours
Creekside Firing Range- Joe Harris
Precision Long Range Rifle Course 40hours
Judgmental Shooting Class, 10 hours

Force on Force Simmunitions Training

Firearms Training Associates 24 hours

SureFire Lowlight Tactics Instructor

Force on Force training

Suarez International -Gabe Suarez

Ultimate Combat Skills Course 36 hours

Close range gun fighting, Vehicle defense, force on force,
knife defense, Low light training
Zero to Five Feet Pistol Gunfighting 16 hours
Advanced Klasnikov Rifle Gunfighting 16 hours

Combat Pistol Instructor 24 hours
CQB Gunfighting in Structures 16 hours
Guerrilla Sniper I Tactics & Fieldcraft 24hours
Guerrilla Sniper II Advanced Firing Techniques 24 hrs
Shivs Shanks & Tourniquets 8 hours
Lowlight Gunfighting 16 hours
Vehicle Gunfighting 8 hours
Submachine Gun Fighting 16 hours
Terrorist Interdiction Course 18 hours
Trauma Medicine for CCW 16 hours

 Yavapai Firearms Training- 24-hours

Tactical Shotgun Instructor

Certified with Glock 22 and Benelli M1 S90

ShootRite Firearms Academy-

Defensive Carbine Course 40 hours

AR-15 carbine, Glock 17 9mm 

Advanced Handgun Tactics 40 hours

 Movement, Malfunctions, Positions, Low Light

Class shoot off winner Glock 17 9mm

Precision Rifle I,  20hrs

Zero conformation to 300yards, Position Shooting

Scope adjustment, moving targets,

Qualified with A Remington 700 LTR .308

Inquest Training Academy
GA Private Detective Certification Course 80 hours
GA Security Guard Firearms Course 16 Hours
Recertification Training 16 hours

IPSC 3 Gun Competition Class - Eric Lund   24 hours

AR-15 Carbine, 1911, Benelli M1 S90

Georgia  Sport Shooters Long Range Rifle class

Army Marksmanship Unit 24 hours

Springfield M1A   100-600 yards

IPSC Competition Pistol - Bruno Asman

Principals of competition class 10 hours

Para Ordnance 1911 40 S&W

NRA Chief Range Officer Training

            Certification to Train Range Officers

National Range Officers Institute

            Chief Range Officer 40 hours
Utah Dept of Public Safety Firearm Instructor Course
Project Appleseed Expert Rifleman
NRA Handgun Distinguished Expert

Courses Taught
Over 100 Instructor development courses for the NRA
Trained hundreds of beginneing pistol shooters
Trained hundreds of armed security guards.
Trained hundreds fo students in Tactical carbine and pistol


Match Participation

USPSA monthly, state and regional matches, Class winner, State Champ

IDPA monthly matches

GSSF Indoor matches and Outdoor matches,  Class winner

Steel Challenge monthly matches

Bowling Pin Matches monthly

IPSC Multi-gun Matches, Class winner

Sniper Challenge Matches, Stage winner

Tactical Rifle Matches

Trap and Skeet weekly league

Are You Ready?